Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most common asked questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please use the form below to contact us.

Do I have to Sign a Contract to Receive Service?

A contract is required for all Termite Depot customers interested in a long-term service plan. The initial term for all contracts is 1 year. After year one, the service is renewed on a service-by-service basis, or contract renewal if that is preferred. Contracts are not required for short-term service plans.

What if I want to Cancel a Service

Any cancelation of our contract within the first year of service will require the remaining balance to be paid at the time of cancelation.
  • Military Deployment is a valid reason for contract cancellation

Why Choose Termite Depot?

There are plenty of other service providers and inspection companies to choose from, however we know we are the best. Termite Depot team members undergo rigorous training and QC requirements. Team members are required to pass a background check and meet our strict insurance requirements. Not only that, but Termite Depot team members are fully licensed and are expected to deliver your reports in as timely a manner as possible.

What Happens if Termites are Found During My WDO Inspection?

Termite Depot is focused on solutions, and termites are one of many organisms you don’t want in your home. If you are selling a property with termites, we will provide treatment options and practical solutions to eradicating the infestation, giving you peace of mind prior to your closing date.

I Need a WDO Inspection. Now What?

WDO stands for Wood Destroying Organism. In the state of Florida, the reportable organisms are Termites, Powder Post beetles, Old House borers and Wood Decaying Fungi. Our experts at Termite Depot are highly trained in detecting and identifying these wood destroying organisms. After one of our team members has conducted an inspection, you will receive a report that includes information on any findings, photos identifying said organisms, as well as any recommendations needed to keep these organisms at bay.

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